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SPECTAT sprung floors

 Innovative technologies at the service of dancers

Our SPECTAT sprung floors are present in more than 250 dance halls in France and abroad. With nearly 40,000m2 installed since 2003, we have received unanimous feedback from dancers on the comfort and reduction of trauma caused by our floors.
Our wide range of products allows us to cover all needs, from the most prestigious halls (conservatories, operas, national ballets) to local dance schools and private studios.

Our range of floors :

What is a good dance floor?

Like any good suspension system, a sprung floor must be flexible (spring effect: impulse) and dampened (protective effect on the dancers' bodies).
These two parameters must be carefully balanced to provide both good dynamics and satisfactory comfort

While the spring effect is easy to achieve, damping is more difficult to obtain. The main parameter for the reduction of trauma, damping must be sought in all the components of a floor; panels, studs, etc... 

An innovative patented system

7 years of research and tests with professional dancers have allowed us to develop an exclusive system of stable and shock-absorbing panels coupled with viscoelastic pads (patented system) .

The corollary of the damping of our sprung floors is a quality acoustic behavior: our floors produce a muted and matt sound, appreciated by dancers and stage directors.

Our sprung floors : A patented and award-winning technology

Our dance floors on 1/2 tennis balls received the first prize in the BPI's national competition for innovative companies.

i-lab competition

Our quality guarantee

All our sprung floors are manufactured in France in our Courthézon (Vaucluse) workshop and installed by our dedicated teams, to ensure perfect traceability and impeccable quality control of our products.
The fixed sprung floors installed by our teams are covered by a ten-year warranty.

spectat vaucluse
decennial warranty

Our clients testify

Range of demountable sprung floors

Aéris sprung floor : REMOVABLE AND COMPATIBLE OUTDOOR, shock-absorbing blocks made of ½ tennis balls

These highly versatile floors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and are equipped with our patented suspension technology for exceptional comfort on all terrains.

Dimensions: 1200 x 2400, thickness: 54 mm

Weight: 30kg/panel

Fire classification: Cfl

Assembly: checkerboards

Assembly time: 150 m2 /h with 3 people.

Surfacing: bare, painted or dance floor
Operating expenses:

  • distributed : 500 kg/m2
  • punching : 250 kg/pt of support

FISE Montpellier Breaking

RedBull Brazil

Avignon Opera

RedBull Cypher BCOne

Ballet du Théâtre du Capitole, Toulouse

Agora de la danse, Montpellier

Paris Opera

Chorégies d'Orange

Nights of Fourvières


... And many others!

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Salti dance floor: Wooden panels, shock absorbing blocks made of ½ tennis balls

Thanks to their excellent damping characteristics, chipboard has become the most suitable wood-based material for the creation of a good dance floor. The Salti model is our best-selling demountable floor: more than 10,500 m² since 2003.

Dimensions: 1000 x 2000, thickness: 54 mm

Weight: 30kg/panel

Assembly time : 120 m2 /h with 3 people.
Covering : dance floor or paint

Fire classification: M3
Mounting: staggered or checkered

Operating expenses :

  • distributed : 500 kg/m2
  • punching : 350 kg/pt of support

Carolyn Carlson, Atelier de Paris

Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Paris Opera

Ballet du Théâtre du Capitole, Toulouse

Opéra Garnier, Paris

Ateliers MédicisParis

Château de Versailles Show

Bordeaux Opera House

RedBull : Breakdance track

School of Circus Arts of Cherbourg


... And many others!

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Range of fixed sprung floors

Saltis dance floor: Wooden slab, shock absorbing blocks made of ½ tennis balls

Our best-seller, with more than 20,000 m² installed: Saltis presents a dynamic and unequalled comfort. Installed by our teams and guaranteed for 10 years, with several finishing options: paint, dance floor, oak or beech parquet.

Dimensions: 910 x 2040, thickness: 54 mm

Weight : 17 Kg/m2

Fire classification: M3

Installation: staggered, grooved joints

Installation time: 80 to 100 m2 per day with 3 installers

Flooring: dance floor, parquet or paint

Operating expenses :

  • distributed : 750 kg/m2
  • punching : 350 kg/pt of support

Pockémon Crew, Lyon

National Stage Dansen-HusOslo, Norway

Bordeaux Opera House

Agora de la Danse, Montpellier

Center Pompidou, Paris

Conservatory of Avignon

Ballet of the Capitole Theatre, Toulouse 

Avignon Opera

Conservatory Paris 19è

Conservatory Paris 12è

Lyon Arts dance center

National Choreographic Center of Tours

National Choreographic Center of Orleans

Superior School Of Dance Of Cannes

... And many others!

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Attivita sprung floor: wooden floor on viscoelastomer blocks 

The latest addition to the range, the Attivita floor has been designed to offer an attractive price and reduce the thickness of construction (only 31mm), while maintaining excellent characteristics of comfort and reduced trauma for dancers.

Attivita can be installed by the users themselves in order to limit installation costs.

Dimensions: parquet strips 2400 x 200 mm; thickness 31 mm
Installation time: 80 m2 per day with 3 installers
Fire rating: DFL
Installation: lost joints
Operating loads:

  • distributed : 500 kg/m2
  • punching : 250 kg/pt of support

Paris 15 Conservatory

Studios Blanca Li, Romainville

Carolyn CarlsonAtelier de Paris

Conservatory of Montreuil

Paris 11 Conservatory

Paris 6 Conservatory

Mountview Academy of Theatre ArtsLondon

Conservatory of Avignon

Dance school MahiddineMarseille

Lyon Arts dance center

Studio FleetMarseille

Company HorizonLa Rochelle

Dance school ArabesqueToulouse


... And many others!

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