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Dance hall equipment

Innovate with our line of dancefloor equipment. After revolutionizing and continually improving fixed and removable dance floorsSpectat has applied the same R&D resources to bring ergonomics, aesthetics, and quality to the development of an innovative line of fixed and mobile dance floors.

Our range of equipment :

Our equipment : The bars

Our dance barres are made up of two shells assembled with a false tongue. Built in our workshops from first-grade beech, this glued-laminated construction guarantees dimensional stability of the bars, which will not warp over time.

dance bars spectat

Fixed brackets

florence® single wall dance bar
florence® single wall dance bar
Jessy® Model Swivel Wall Dance Bar
Jessy® Model Swivel Wall Dance Bar
SALTIS professional sprung floors
Conservatory of Avignon. Floor, carpet and bars of dance Spectat
Jessy dance bar on swivel stand® model
dance bar model Jessy on stand® intermediate position

The movable bars